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Pollinator Projects

Back in 2016, we successfully applied to become part of the national Polli:Nation project.

The project came with a grant to improve our grounds, for pollinating insects. (Pollinators are creatures, such as bees and butterflies, that transfer pollen, from flower to flower.)



The decisions on how to use this grant were led by a group of student ambassadors, known as The Hive. The Hive included members from across the school and was responsible for making Polli:Nation a whole school project.

Two of our main projects included designing and installing a new front border and creating a 'bee wall' to provide nesting and shelter.



As part of the project, we won an innovation award for our 'Art With A Message' competition entry.  Colourful images of pollinators and plants formed a Pollinator Promise logo, which became the start of our Polli Promise campaign.

Polli Promise encourages everyone to set aside a small patch or pot, to grow plants to provide food or shelter, for pollinating insects.





Why Bees And Pollinators Are Important

We have been shooting and editing videos as part of our computing and project work.

Wild Bees

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