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4. How does the school let parents know how well their child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

All parents are invited to support their child’s education whether or not an additional need is recognised.

It is anticipated that parents will listen to their child read each day, help them learn words to spell and practise maths knowledge (e.g. multiplication tables.).  For pupils with a Pupil Plan parents are asked to support their targets and this can be done following a discussion with class teacher.  Pupil Plans are reviewed during Parent's Evening meetings unless an individual review meeting is requested by SENCo, class teacher or parent. Occasionally a two-way diary, called a 'Home-school link book', is made. This is for a specific purpose e.g. monitoring behaviour and this is always discussed with parents first.


Every half-term all parents are given a half-termly schedule with the topics being addressed in their child’s class; this is helpful not only to inform parents of the topics their child may be covering, and enables them to give informed support. Our formal written report is provided in the summer term, we also report to you on your child’s progress at parent consultation evenings in the autumn and spring terms.  An open door policy enables parents and teachers to share regular progress updates and we are happy to talk through with you any queries or questions you may have.