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Hedgehog Friendly

Thank you to The Tree Council for our trail cam which helps us to spot hedgehogs and other night visitors; we were awarded the camera as part of our Beacon status. (This footage is from July 2023 - we have now updated the camera date!)

Hog Cam

Footage of our hog visitors.

Pupils in Year 2 and Year 3 are the driving force behind the "Hoggy Hub". As part of her application to be a Nature Ambassador, Lily made a hedgehog home and brought it into school. Since then, there has been a growing hog movement and we are working to achieve Gold Hog Friendly Status.


Take a look at some of the things we have been doing at school and in our own gardens.

Hog Safety

Hoggy Hub and #ForceForNature Club have been assessing how safe our grounds are for hedgehogs. Thank you to Mr & Mrs Lyons for creating a ramp for the deep part of the pond. Hogs are good swimmers but they need to be able to climb out!

Roadshow 2023

Hogs were an important part of our 2023 Roadshow. Oscar spent time explaining to Madam Mayor about why they need our support and simple actions we can all take to make a difference. 

Waterlooville Hedgehog Rescue ran an amazing stall too!


Thank you to Mr Malcolm for taking all the wonderful photos for us.

What lucky hogs, the St Alban’s hogs are! Thank you, Poppy for the beautiful new dish.


We were sent a HogBox by Hedgehog Friendly Schools and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. It was full of interesting ideas and activities. Here's what Year 2 pupils had to say about it!

Year 4 children have been researching hedgehog facts and making HOGCASTS. Hedgehogs really need our help! 


Helping hogs in our gardens

How we can help hedgehogs!

Lots of people are helping hedgehogs but that that doesn't mean we can be a bystander; here are some tips on how to help our hoggies!


1. Hoggy Highway

The hedgehogs need to move around as well, being trapped in a space not good for them at all. So in your garden fence make a thirteen centimetre hole so they can move around!

Heres an example of ours: (Image coming soon!)



Hedgehogs can get stuck, injured or even killed! Litterpicks are an amazing way to help so get out there!


3. End to putting leaves and twigs in the bin!

Hedgehogs love using them to make their home so throwing them away is nowhere near helping, so end it now!


So there it is folks, the tips to success.

I’m sure the hedgehogs will be very grateful you have made an amazing contribution.



Grace Year 5