Year R Transition Arrangements & Important Dates

Click here for our parent handbook for new starters 2017 to 2018


Induction process for children starting school in reception

In June parents are invited to an information meeting. At this meeting parents will be introduced to various members of staff and will be given relevant information and forms to complete. There will also be an opportunity to order school uniform.

In the summer term children make two visits to the school. At the first visit children and parents spend time in the reception classroom to explore the setting and meet the staff. Parents do not stay with their child during the second visit to the classroom.             

We admit children from approximately 20 nursery or pre-schools each year. To aid transition we invite members of staff from the setting your child has attended to visit St Alban’s in the summer term to discuss each child individually.   We find this an invaluable opportunity to learn more about your child and to help plan a suitable curriculum experience.

Home visits

A home visit takes place towards the end of the summer term and is used so that your son/daughter can meet their new teacher and teaching assistant in familiar surroundings. The home visit is a very relaxed and informal meeting, and is useful for the passing of information from parents to teacher and vice versa. Parents will receive a letter containing more details of this visit.

What happens in September?

Parents need to bring their child to the classroom via the KS1 playground (accessed through the gate on St Alban’s Road).  Parents will also collect their child from the classroom door.

All children will start school on the first day of term. Children already aged 5 years old at the start of term will attend all day. Parents of 4 year old children may choose for their child to follow a reduced timetable for the first half of the autumn term and parents will be given more details of this during the summer term.   We work closely with parents to ensure that transition into Year R is suited to the needs of individual children.