The Governors have a very clear uniform policy that is valued by parents, children and staff; for the appearance and presentation of pupils to remain an outstanding aspect of the school, everyone needs to ‘play their part’.

Our uniform is available from the Skoolkit shop in Havant. The only items that are not available from Skoolkit are as follows:

  • Girl’s summer dress: John Lewis School Belted Gingham Checked Summer Dress, Blue (only one style of dress is worn at St Alban’s - see picture below).
  • School bags are available from the school office: small book bags for KS1 and larger bags with shoulder straps for KS2 (and Year 2 have the choice of the larger bags also).   Due to space restrictions other types of school bag are not permitted. 

Summer dress

Summer uniform is worn during the summer term (after children return from the Easter holidays). Children may continue to wear summer uniform until the 30th September each year (or the Monday following this should this date fall on a weekend).

Lost property   It is essential that all items of uniform are named otherwise items are likely to be lost. The school has a lost property ‘bin’ which children can look in if they think they have lost an item. If parents wish to check lost property then they may do this after school only. (Please come to the school office at the end of the day if you wish to do this).

Uniform requirements


  • Children are not expected to have bleached or coloured hair. Hair-cuts below a number 3 grade are not allowed.   Hair gel is not permitted. No exaggerated hairstyles are allowed including line/patterning through hair cutting or shaving some areas much shorter than others, for example.
  • Hair should not obscure vision (e.g. very long fringes) and should be neatly tied back at all times when shoulder length.   (Clips/hairbands may be used to keep hair out of eyes).
  • Hair decorations should be purely functional (flat clips, plain hairbands or scrunchies in school colours - large decorations or bows are not allowed).

Winter uniform for girls

  • Dark navy blue pleated pinafore dress (‘Tenby’ style) and white long sleeved school shirt.
  • Red tie and red sash from Year 1 upwards.
  • White socks (not frilly), navy blue tights or red tights.
  • Plain dark navy blue long sleeved 'V' neck pullover - not a cardigan.
  • Y5 and Y6 girls may wear a dark navy pleated skirt (with a front/back panel and side pleats) - ‘Junior Banbury’ or ‘Henley Senior’ styles only.
  • Shoes of a traditional school type – not high/fashion heels – in black, navy blue or red (no trainers).  

Summer uniform for girls

  • Gingham Checked Summer Dress, Blue from John Lewis. No other version to be worn. (Please see the picture of the required style).
  • Plain white socks (not frilly).
  • Traditional school type sandals or shoes, without heels, in plain white, black, blue or red.   Not open toe or sling back.
  • Plain dark navy blue long sleeved 'V' neck pullover - not a cardigan.

Uniform for boys - summer and winter

  • Mid grey short or long trousers of a traditional school design and white shirt (long sleeved or short sleeved may be worn).
  • Red tie and plain grey socks, plain dark navy blue long sleeved 'V' neck pullover.
  • Shoes/sandals of a traditional school type in plain black or navy blue. No open toe sandals, no trainers.

Games and PE uniform for girls and boys

  • White plain polo style shirt school polo shirt with logo.
  • Navy blue cotton shorts, white ankle socks (plain), black or white plimsolls.
  • Plain (no stripes or logo) navy blue tracksuit for KS2.
  • Year 5 and Year 6 children only may wear trainers for outdoor PE as an alternative to plimsolls as long as these are plain white, black or navy (without visible logos).

Hats, coats and bags

  • PE bags with the school logo.   Alternatively, children may have a similar sized blue or red drawstring bag for their PE kit.
  • A school design summer hat is needed by all children (two styles available at Skoolkit).
  • Winter hats, gloves and scarves must be plain navy, black or red only. A school design winter hat is available (optional - available from Skoolkit).
  • Boys and girls wear a navy blue or black plain top coat. A school coat with a logo is available (optional).
  • A plain, navy blue, single-breasted blazer may be worn.   A blazer with an embroidered school badge can be obtained from the Skoolkit Shop in Havant.
  • School bags are available from the school office – small book bags for KS1 and larger bags with shoulder straps for KS2.   Year 2 may have either the small KS1 bags or the larger KS2 bags. Other types of school bag are not permitted.

Jewellery and other items

  • Jewellery items, including earrings, are not permitted except in Year 6 (when small gold or silver studs without gem stones and one in each ear may be worn).   These must be removed for all physical activity and removal will be the responsibility of the child. No adult may assist with the removal or replacement of earrings. No other body piercings are permitted. Any child having ears pierced before Year 6 will have to remove these at school regardless of when pierced.
  • Make-up (including fake tans, temporary tattoos etc) is not permitted at school.
  • A sensible watch is allowed but no responsibility can be taken for lost or damaged watches worn at school. Please note children should not wear overly elaborate watches with lots of different functions as they can often become a distraction during lessons.

Please could parents also be aware of age-appropriate slogans and phrases on some items of clothing when children wear non-school uniform as some are not appropriate to be worn at school. Thank you.