Trailblazer is about learning to learn in the outdoors. A Hampshire County scheme, it promotes outdoor learning and environmental education for young people and helps schools to co-ordinate, support and develop their work in the outdoors.

At Saint Alban's, each class pledges to carry out a minimum of 40 hours outdoor learning each year. This includes class trips and residentials. Some classes also choose to apply for certificates at the end of each school year.

Gardening with wildlife in mind has been a passion of ours for many years. We are blessed with beautiful grounds and are always looking for people to join our gardening team. We are fortunate to be supported by members of Havant Horticultural Society and by other gardening volunteers but you can do plenty to help us without being an expert. Contact us if you would like to know more. 

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 Polli:Nation and The Hive

Polli:Nation is a National Lottery funded biodiversity and education project. We successfully bid for a grant to improve our school grounds for pollinating insects.

The Hive is our group of student ambassadors who are developing the grounds to provide shelter and feeding habitat for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. You can recognise our members by their bee badges.


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In Autumn 2017, we have added some new badges.

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You can find out about some of our activities by watching this video. SUPER HIVE

 Pollinator Promise

#PolliPromise Make a promise HERE

We have included a brief summary here but you can read more about our work by clicking the following links:






As part of Polli:Nation, pupils from KS2 entered and won a national competition.

  Pollinator Promise SEE OUR WINNING VIDEO HERE 


Pollinator Promise Team We are also working with

 Open Air Laboraties (OPAL)

 who are part of Imperial College,  London.

 Click the link to read their report.



 November 2017: Pollinator Promise helped us to win a DEFRA Bees' Needs Award.


January 2018: Alan Mak MP has now promised to plant for pollinators after listening to a presentation by pupils from Year 5 and Year 6.

Alan Mak MP


Fasset planting

Keeping a promise with support from Fasset


July 2018: Hive presented at Carnaby Street in London and received a 2nd Bees Needs' Award for the development of #PolliPromise.

Carnaby Campaign


July 2019: Our 2nd trip to Carnaby Street in London and a 3rd Bees Needs' Award for our community involvement.


St Albans CE Primary 1 copy


St Alban's at Pfizer



Wednesday 5th July 2017

Planting at Pfizer

Six pupils from St. Alban’s (Years 4-6) went to Pfizer in Havant, to see where the staff could grow some pollinator friendly plants. We met Jane, who showed us where they thought it would be an ideal area to plant and relax in the warming sun.

Due to there being a car park, they could not let natural grass grow so they have used Astro turf instead. They have a section of natural grass that is being left to grow longer though making it better for pollinators and other animals.

We suggested some suitable pollinator friendly flowers. Jane really liked the idea of growing edible plants like nasturtiums, strawberries and thornless black berries. We had some thoughts on what to grow on the trellis; here are just a few of our ideas - clematis, honeysuckle and jasmine.

They have recycled wooden picnic tables to sit on during the day. Some people like to have meetings outside on the benches and others like to just sit there with a coffee and read an exciting book. It’s a lovely use of the space. The atmosphere is very welcoming and calming, a place to just sit and think about life, finish work and have a break.

Jane was really kind and provided an amazing tour around their garden area. We really enjoyed our time at Pfizer and are excited about being involved in the future plans.

By Catie and Olivia (Y4)




We have visited Pfizer again this term to make some planting suggestions for early nectar sources.

We began by improving our school grounds and are now working to take Pollinator Promise into the community. Our work is being shared this autumn with schools across the UK.



Border Buddy

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Bee Walk 

Bee Walk

These pupils volunteered  to carry out a monthly  survey for the  British  Bumblebee Conservation  Trust.

They survey bees in  a  local cemetry, spotting  changes in the local  environment.

Bumblebees are under  threat and the BBCT uses  surveys like this one to    help identify changes in  bee numbers.

Anybody can become a member of BeeWalk.You  can find out more about  the scheme by clicking  the link below.



 Gardening To Help Wildlife

Meadow 2018

We feature in a case study on the Wildlife Garden Forum HERE


You can find lots of planting information at


Autumn activities in the garden








Portsmouth In Bloom

The walkthrough from KS1 to KS2 (between Years 3 & 4  and the field) was entered, along with pots decorated by Year 6. 

This 'Small Spaces Count' area won several prizes and Olivia and Laura received them, on behalf of the school at the Residents' Participation Centre in West Leigh.




Both schools and Mayor 


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