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Our curriculum is enhanced with a wide range of visits, experiences and trips. Select the link to see the range of experiences that we offer. We believe this aspect of our curriculum is an important way to bring learning alive.  We always receive wonderful comments from members of the public and other professionals about the excellent behaviour, manners, enthusiasm and engagement of our pupils when we go off site. 


"Dear Mrs Hordell

As you know a party of Year 4 children visited the Mary Rose Museum yesterday.  We see many thousands of schools over the course of the year but I thought you would be glad to know that we believe the teacher, his assistants and the children were truly outstanding!  I had the pleasure of teaching the children in the afternoon and immediately agreed with my colleagues who had been deeply impressed by them in the morning.  They were so keen to learn and so beautifully mannered. A real joy!  They were a great credit to their teacher, to the school, themselves and their parents.  Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to them all."



Well done Simon for representing the school so brilliantly at such a special ceremony.



"One of my highlights of the Bees' Needs Champions awards at Kew Gardens on November 6th was meeting the children of St Alban's Primary School, Havant. They gave a wonderful presentation - each pupil in turn, explaining the variety of strategies they have adopted to promote flower-visiting insects and other wildlife in their school, which is part of the Polli:Nation network of pollinator-friendly schools. The children really knew their stuff and are so committed to the cause. I wrestled the crowds to be the first person at the event to sign their Pollinator Promise and look forward to telling them what good deeds I have achieved over the next 12 months".

Steven Falk BSc ARCS FRES, Entomologist



Olympic gymnast Kelly Simm recently visited our school for an afternoon of motivation and fitness. We were sponsored to take part in a series of fun exercises to help improve our health and fitness. Kelly and ‘Sportivator’ David were very encouraging and helped to keep us going, especially when we started to feel exhausted towards the end.  When each class had completed their fitness session, the whole school returned to the hall for a wonderful demonstration of gymnastics by Kelly. Having stressed the importance of safety, she completed a series of rolls, tumbles, wheels and balances down the middle of the hall all perfected over years of hard work and practice. A very inspirational demonstration for us all! We were then given the chance to ask her some searching questions about her achievements in many competitions including the World Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic Games.